“Wow. Where to even start? If there is one person that is made for the photography business, it is Lexi Vornberg. She is both capable and passionate about capturing what makes her clients unique. She is both professional and down-to-earth, creating a more than comfortable atmosphere during her sessions. She is both energetic and charismatic, making time spent shooting with her beyond enjoyable. Simply put, Lexi Vornberg is a true friend who deserves all of the nice things I could possibly say and then some.”  Sarah – NDA

Lexi Vornberg did a wonderful job with our family pictures… She has a classic eye and makes timeless family portraits. She also let my kids be kids, and be silly after we grabbed some traditional family shots. Her location choice was also spot on, and we cannot wait to hang some of these beautiful images on our walls! Thank you Lexi!” – Erin – Family
 “I am so happy that I had my senior photos taken by Lexi! Going into the shoot, I was nervous that I was going to have trouble posing and feeling confident in front of the camera. Lexi helped me feel comfortable and relaxed, and the overall experience was exciting and fun. When I got the pictures back, I was overwhelming pleased and shocked that Lexi was truly able to capture me and my personality. It is undeniable that Lexi’s portraits are unique and I doubt that there is any better photographer out there. “ Brianna – NDA
” Lexi did an amazing job with our maternity photos. She made me feel beautiful during a time when I didn’t feel that way very often. I’m so glad we had her capture this special time in our lives! ” – Rachael – Maternity
“When getting my senior pictures done, I really wanted the photographer to capture my personality – Lexi Vornberg Photography did just this. She made my experience extremely fun and easy and also produced incredible pictures that outdid my expectations.”  Brittany – CHCA
“I was fortunate enough to have the chance to work with Lexi for my senior pictures. The whole process was very exciting and fun! My goal for my senior pictures was for my true self to be expressed through my pictures, as well as my style, which Lexi did exceptionally well. She really knows how to personalize a shoot and make it unique! She was the perfect guide through the whole process as well. She helped me decide on my outfit choices and threw in some very tasteful, yet fun, and creative touches, which I very much enjoyed and had fun with! The day of the shoot, Lexi did anything and everything she could do to make me feel comfortable in front of the camera, we was so much fun. Also, getting my makeup done was one of the best parts and again Lexi gives great input to the makeup artist to help bring out your natural beauty. Overall, my experience was nothing short of positive. Lexi’s outgoing, bubbly, and fun personality really helps you feel comfortable and beautiful during the shoot, which helps you to express your true self and, most importantly, have fun. I wouldn’t trade me senior picture experience for anything! Thank you so much again Lexi!”  olivia – NDA
“Senior pictures are a part of senior year that almost everyone looks forward to. Having your pictures done is supposed to make you feel special, beautiful, and unique. That’s how I felt when I worked with Lexi. From the very first moment we met to the professional hair and makeup to the actual photo shoot, Lexi made me feel like I was a model! I loved meeting her and hearing her ideas during our pre-photo consultation. It made the entire experience much more personal! During the actual shoot, I really liked how Lexi and I were able to work together to take the pictures. We laughed and joked and bounced ideas off of each other. When my parents and I saw the pictures, we were floored! They were absolutely gorgeous and I loved each and every one. Just by looking at the pictures, I could tell that Lexi had put so much time into making sure each picture was 100% me. I could go on and on about how much I loved working with Lexi, but my favorite part of the entire senior picture experience was the way she made me feel while I was getting my pictures taken. She made me feel like I was the most beautiful girl in the world. Thank you so much Lexi! You were (and are) absolutely amazing!”  Maya – Ursuline
“If you are anything like me, then you wonder how models look so beautiful in every picture that is taken of them. You wonder who was taking their picture and who did their makeup. You think about how wonderful their lives must be. Lexi Vornberg made me feel like one of those models. I had my makeup perfected and outfits carefully selected. Unlike the models, I chose where my pictures would be taken. I had the most amazing experience that day. I had met Lexi one time before and it was so easy to connect with her. It felt natural when she was taking my pictures, even though I had never had a professional take my pictures before. I will always remember the amazing experience when I look back on my senior pictures and how amazing I looked and felt.”  Kylie – NDA
“Getting my pictures done with Lexi was a blast! She really takes the time to get to know you and your style, and while shooting she makes you feel comfortable.  I am so glad I chose to get my senior pictures with her because everything was real and natural, and the pictures turned out amazing!”  Nicole – NDA
“My fiancé, Jake, and I just love Lexi! We had an idea to do our engagement photos as a mini-date, visiting the square near our house, getting ice cream and bringing our dog, Gucci, along with us. She went with the flow and allowed us to be ourselves and most importantly, kept us relaxed and natural in front of the camera. The photos she delivered were absolutely beautiful and tell our date story perfectly, something we will treasure for years to come! We can’t wait to see what Lexi captures on our wedding day in October! “ Katy“I have worked with Lexi Vornberg multiple times on different types of shoots: from business advertising and workshop sessions to senior portraits, and every time it has been a wonderful experience. She is extremely professional and always makes me feel completely comfortable in front of the camera. Her work stands on its own. She beautifully edits and polishes each picture to perfection. I would high recommend Lexi. She’s amazing!”  Morgan – Ryle
“Shooting with Lexi was a dream! She is an incredibly talented, creative, and professional photographer.  With Lexi’s creativity and ingenuity, the possibilities for our session seemed endless.  It was great to work with a photographer with an imagination and who gave clear directions regarding what she wanted from me.  She is definitely going places! It was a pleasure and honor to work with her.”  Erin – Mars Hill
“All I ever said I wanted was unique and fun senior pictures.  I looked at all the typical “big senior picture places,” but they just weren’t personal enough.  Then I heard about Lexi from a friend of mine, and I instantly emailed her! I loved the personal experience and getting to meet one on one to get exactly what I wanted.  Lexi is a photography and marketing genius! She has all the tricks and I was so impressed.  I had not a doubt in my mind I would have the best time during my shoot. The day of my shoot Lexi and her makeup artist helped me get ready! They made sure everything was perfect. I couldn’t have asked for anything better then getting my pictures done by Lexi.  So much personal time and effort was put into my pictures by her, I can’t even express how grateful I am!  Perfect through and through.  Lexi is a doll and I will never forget my photo shoot with her!”  Eden – NDA
“I just wanted to thank [Lexi] again for doing my senior pictures! [Lexi was] really fun and I actually enjoyed being able to “model” for a night. I can’t wait to see more of them! Thanks again! I really had fun with it! P.S. I’m sure no one could top how good [Lexi] made me look!”   Ellen – NDA
“I had a lot of fun with Lexi.  She was very patient with me and I really liked how she drove to the place I wanted to go.  I also like how she made me feel very comfortable and relaxed.  I really like her style and how we did my pictures and I loved how my pictures turned out.  She did an amazing job!!!!”  Devon – Live Oaks
“Working with Lexi was honestly so much fun.  It was impossible not to smile because she is such a jokester, but when we needed to be serious it wasn’t awkward or uncomfortable.  It was very calm and relaxing.  Basically I loved it and I love Lexi.”  Hannah – Madeira
“Working with Lexi was so much fun!! It was cool that she drove to our location for the shoot.  Also, I’m not used to being in front of a camera and I thought I would be really uncomfortable, but Lexi made everything really relaxed.  I had a great time and the end result was amazing! I loved all of my pictures and her style of editing was beautiful!”  Emily – Madeira
“I am addicted to getting my pictures taken by Lexi! I’ve worked with her twice already and I can’t wait to do it again! It’s so much fun to get to be a supermodel.  Well that’s how Lexi makes you feel, anyway; like you are the most beautiful girl in the world.  Lexi made me feel so comfortable that I could just relax and have a good time.  Everyone should get this experience.” Alayna -Villa Madonna
“Having my pictures taken with Lexi was more fun than I expected it to be.  She made it very comfortable for me, because I thought I would be nervous not knowing what to do, and the pictures turned out amazing.” Jordan – Milford
“I had such a great experience with Lexi Vornberg! I was a bit nervous before I came because I had never gotten my pictures taken professionally before, but as soon as I walked through the doors of her office, I was put at ease. She was super kind and supportive throughout the entire process. Lexi helped me relax and made sure I looked natural and comfortable in all of my photos so all of my photos would really represent me. I would recommend Lexi to anyone in a heartbeat and if I had the privilege of doing senior pictures over again I would choose her for sure!”  Kelly – Ursuline