Bar Stool Covers to Provide Ultimate Comfort

In making a better world, recycle, reduce and reuse is very advisable. Do change or throw away your old bar stool. Now, you can reuse them by making bar stool covers. Actually, there are some tips in making this covers.


You will need : measuring tape, pattern paper, pencil, scissors, fabric (with any motives you like), pins, foam (the 2 inches one), marker, cotton batting, spray adhesive, iron, safety pin and cording. Below are the steps.


  1. Measure the bar stool for each side and edges. Add 8 inches so you make it perfect for each cushion.
  2. Then, measure the seat and add 6 inches to get the perfect width. Also, add 12 inches to length and width so you can match it with the elastic cording.
  3. Place the bar stool upside down, trace around to the paper, then draw with pencil. Add 6 inches outside the drawing. Then cut the paper.
  4. Place the fabric to the pattern you’ve drawn. Then hold it with the pins and cut. Remove the pattern then do the same to the pattern.
  5. Place the foam to the seat, hold it. Then place the cotton batting and cut it into the size.
  6. Apply and spray the spray adhesive to the top of the foam. Press them.
  7. If the bar stool covers is round, then you have to fold the edge fabric then press them with iron. Then turn and sew them. Leave an opening for the thread cording.
  8. If the cover is square, then center your fabric up. Then pull the corner up. Pin it down, cut the excess fabric and repeat to each corner. Sew the corner and fold the edges then press in flat. Also, leave an opening for the thread cording.
  9. For the finishing touch, attach a safety pin to the thread cording. Then, poke the closed safety pin so you have 2 same ends hanging of the fabric. Remove the pins.
  10. Place the foam and batting on the seat.
  11. Fit the cover over batting, seat and foam. Pull and check again.
  12. Pull on the cording to make it tighter. Tie the cording so it will be safe for using.


Bar stool covers are not only used for chairs. Because they have various shapes and sizes, this fabric can also be used for dining rooms that can instantly change the style and appearance of dining chairs.


To give a contemporary look, you can choose a cover fabric that has the shape of a pleated skirt at the bottom. This form of fabric is also useful for hiding items stored under the chair.


Now you know some benefits of using bar stool covers. Use it for certain occasions or if you want to change the appearance of a room instantly.