Exquisite Spacious Residence for Your Cozy Living Space

If you are looking for a great idea in designing a modern yet spacious residence that features the connection with the nature, then it is probably your good day. The San Remo Drive residence is a marvelous spacious home that is equipped with not only beautiful and modern landscape. Yet, the landscape and the green garden exposes lush green which will please the tired eyes, making this house is really perfect when you seek for the peace and calm atmosphere.


Designed by Kirkpatrick Architects, you will be astonished by the exquisite interior that features wood element in dark shade along with the light beige wall interior and the transparent glass details in creating the coziness and luxury for each space of this beautiful spacious residence.

Yet, you can find the sleek and rectangular design for the home interior, which can be seen on the exterior as well. The result is the neat appearance that goes fabulous with the airy atmosphere flowing through the space.


Enjoy the open space concept applied for each space, just like this cozy living room. Don’t you think that this space looks really elegant and cozy at the same time? Oh, and do not forget about the stylish look! You can see comfortable and modern white sofas are placed within this space along with the beautiful wooden coffee table where a vase filled with fresh flowers is placed.


On the wooden ceiling, you can see how the golden tone coming from the built-in lighting on the ceiling and the contemporary circular lighting adds the beauty of this cozy space. And do not forget how you are going to feel relaxed by seeing the green tinge seen directly from this space.

Moving to the bright and airy dining room, you will feel like nothing is better than the bright and airy nuance along with the refreshing green tinge of the garden outdoors as the perfect companies while enjoying the delicious dishes served by the greatest mom in the world.


Look at the beautiful spacious residence design for this light space that features the heartwarming and cozy dark wooden tone for the interior as well as for the beautiful dining chairs. See also the lovely pendant lighting in minimalist cube design and sleek white decor placed on the light maple table.