Fantastic Cool Rooms for Teenagers in Modern Style

Designing cool rooms for teenagers may be challenging, yet it is a super fun to do. It is because teenager’s bedroom shall represent their cheerful, dynamic, and youthful natures precisely. Besides, teenagers shall feel secured, peaceful, and comfortable to stay in their space too.

Bedroom gives them privacy and the feeling to be outcast from outside world for a while in peace. Bedroom is not only for them to sleep during the rest time. It is a place where they can express themselves easily as well.


Related to this situation, take a look at this design you can use as your inspiration of stunning cool rooms for teenagers. What can attract the stylish and fashionable teenage girls easily than Paris? Paris, one of the most beautiful cities in the world yet is known for its innovation in fashion industry. See this gorgeous Paris theme in this girl’s bedroom, where you can see the famous icon of this city, Eiffel Tower, in every corner.

You can see it on the wardrobe as well as filling the white wall. The splash of pretty pink in this space can be seen on the pillow, chair on the study space, and the beautiful suitcase your girl can use to keep her secret stuffs.


This modern and minimalist bedroom looks super stylish with the splash of colorful tone within this space. The minimalist and clean look of this teenager’s bedroom is resulted from the use of gray paint from the floors to ceilings that is contrasted with the bright white furniture. The use of transparent glass window on the corner makes this space looks bright too.


The furniture arrangement in this space makes this space looks really spacious, especially with the use of built-in wardrobe on the wall with colorful accent. The colorful splash can be seen on the contemporary drawers and the bedding. On the glazed floor, you can see the uniquely shaped rug in bold red.


If you prefer to use only light shades as your stunning cool rooms ideas for teenager, you can take a look at this lovely and bright bedroom. The combination of white and beige stripes as wall accent and the splash of light green make this space looks really inviting. The brighter and larger appearance resulted from the use of light shades for the interior becomes the right match for a small bedroom.


You can see this beautiful bedroom uses the multi-functional furniture, where the bedroom can be used for the sitting too, and is decorated with light green cushions. The drawers are installed below the bed and the floating shelves are used in the same beige nuance, thus maximizing every space available.