Gorgeous Closet Ideas for Small Bedrooms to Maximize Your Space

Living in a small space will cause you to overcome the problem arising from the lack of space, including how to arrange the furniture within your small bedroom carefully so you will still maintain enough space for other uses, such as your closet.


Today, we are going to talk about the closet ideas for small bedrooms. The reason why closet is really important is because its function to store our clothing that will keep you stylish and good looking. Taking care of your appearance is important so people will have good impression towards you, especially when you are working as professionals.


Related to this situation, take a look at this beautiful small bedroom. The easiest way to trick the small space is by using the light shade, such as white paint for the interior, which will make the room looks larger than it is.

Yet, the use of transparent glass window plays the vital role as well, which will help the room feels airy. You can see the stunning closet ideas for small bedrooms in this bedroom, which is carefully placed on the corner of the room.


The slim and tall appearance will allow you to equip other spaces for the working area and bed. As for the storage space, you can maximize the space below your bed for the drawers.

The other way to decorate the small bedroom is by using the compact furniture that will save more space in order to make the bedroom feels spacious. Look at the compact furniture in this small and spacious bedroom. Bed is placed above the closet and drawers, so you will have to use the metal ladder to get to the bed.

Placed below the bed is not only closet and drawers, but also the shelves. This way, you can still maintain the available space for your working space.


In order to make you’re bright and white space looks more attractive, you can add splash of colors within this space. Apply the orange stripes as the wall accent along with the splash of blue and lime green on the pillows and drawers. Use the bamboo shades for the window to create beautiful lighting within the space as well as providing privacy for you.


When you are living in a small space with small bedroom, it is inevitable that you are more likely to have small closet as well. In order to organize stunning closet ideas for small bedrooms, you can see these organizing tips so you can keep your closet tidy too.


You can group your clothing based of the color, type, frequency of use, of the occasion. You can also separate one that can be folded and one that must be hang. This way, you will avoid the messed up look just because you are too lazy to fold your items.


Besides, for the folded items, you can store them inside a basket and place the basket on the shelf available within the closet. Do not forget to label each basket. This will trick the messed up look.