Before You Install Engineered Hardwood Flooring

To improve the appearance of your home, you can use hard wood material. There are so many benefits to using this kind of floor at home. First, hardwoods are known for their durability and value. By installing this wood material in your home, you will save the budget, more natural look, and surely you will love it.

Though, there are 2 types of hardwood used in flooring. They are solid and engineered hardwood flooring. Both of these types have each benefits and plus value. Before you choose one of them, here are the guides before you choose the solid or engineered one.


A few years ago artificial wood floors were only seen as cheap wood patterned floor coverings that didn't feel so warm. But not for now, manufacturers have modified artificial wood flooring not only to have charming look but also have ability to provide warmth and temperature stability in it by adding a temperature control heater that is planted just below the wooden floor.

Specifically for engineered wood flooring, it can be installed by hanging or floating techniques. The goal is that we can easily access the bottom of the floor, and if there had broken board it will be easily replaced.

Engineered wood flooring can be used immediately after the installation process is complete, no more sanding or finishing steps. After installing it, you are free to use it. We understand that time is very valuable, we must work fast so it does not interfere with other activities.



Solid hardwood flooring can only be used in below grade installation, which usually in floors such as basements or living rooms. In the other sides, the engineered flooring will match and suitable to any grade of floors. It can be used in the ground level, above or below grade. This is a plus value of engineered flooring because it resists to certain condition like moisture level.


Type of sub-floor

Many people want to build concrete then install certain flooring. In fact, if you want to build concrete then you have to attach it with engineered product. This is for the sake of structural integrity. But, if you are planning to use plywood or another wood floor, you can use solid hardwood flooring. This will match well.


The room type

This is a very important question. Will the room surrounded with moisture? If some rooms such as basement or sunken living room will produce moisturized atmosphere, so you will have to choose the engineered hardwood flooring since it is resistant to moisture area.

Though, you can install any kind of hardwood flooring in bathroom. This will endanger your condition since it will be so slippery. After considering those 3 conditions, we hope you finally find the right floor installation for your home. Good luck!