Natural Elements for Thanksgiving Table Decorations

The best approach to decorate a thanksgiving-inspired interior is by using natural elements for centerpieces. You don’t even have to buy all the necessary supplies. Thanksgiving has a thick warm atmosphere, so natural elements make a great inclusion to the living room and other areas of your home.

It is all about the harvest time. Using greenery for decorating is great. Finding pumpkins, cornstalks, vines, and stuff is not hard. Go to a grocery store to get all these foods. If you have a garden, some of them may thrive there.


Just put more emphasis on natural elements. There's nothing wrong with turning the interior into a harvest show place. This moment is worth such a special treatment and celebration. Buy some wicker baskets. Put some fresh fruit and veggies into them.


Fill also some wonderful flowers, dead leaves, and others interesting stuff. Wrap them up with plastic and displays those baskets in several rooms. Since they are all fresh, they will rot within days. Pumpkins are an important element of Thanksgiving. At room temperature, the average pumpkin can last at least 3 days before it starts to rot.

You don’t have to choose ripe pumpkins. Also, there are several ways to preserve this fruit, such as soaking it in a basket filled with water and bleach. Put the pumpkins on the platters. Do not let them come in contact directly with tablecloth. Not only does this arrangement look sloppy, but rotten pumpkins could tarnish your tablecloth.


Thanksgiving is all about colors and uplifting vibes. Therefore, go for multiple colors instead of using a monotonous color scheme. Yellow and green are essential. Orange, white, gray, and others compliment them perfectly.

You can also use onions and garlic. This sounds like a strange idea. Try it first before making a proper judgment. When you pull onions from the ground, you will see the green part on top. These tops are what we will craft into decorative items. Make braids out of onions and garlic.


Roll out plastic wrap over a table, put dried wheat, leaves, or stuff like that all over it. After that, lay the braids on the mixture. The filler can also be made of dried flowers. Lavender and thyme, for instance, they are sweet-scented, perfect to liven up the interior.