A Rustic Kitchen Island Brings that Vintage Feel

Having a rustic kitchen island is not a must, but it turns out to be a great furnishing for a kitchen that is heavily inspired by a rustic decorating theme. Imagine the word rustic, you might find it hard to really capture and embrace the style. New furniture pieces are nowhere near “rustic”. They are too fresh and brand new to have that kind of vibe. To decorate a rustic kitchen, vintage items are usually used.

Where can you get them? Vintage stores are the places to go. Speaking of rustic, it is usually wood that becomes the primary subject. This material has naturally vintage and old charm.


Thus, we suggest you look for a wooden island. There is no need to look for excessive adornments. It is better to maintain its simplicity. As long as it is still functional, it's good to use. Before we explain more about it, how would you envision a rustic kitchen? It should feature wood panels, ceiling. It also features brick walls. In other words, everything that people in the past used to decorate their kitchens falls under this category.


When it comes to materials, this kitchen furniture can be made ​​of several materials. While wood is the most favorite for main structures, the tops are often made ​​by natural stones, such as marble and granite. Both are equally gorgeous for countertops.

Most natural stones are expensive, so you would need to spend more cash for a marble island. Islands come with drawers and shelves. They provide additional storage for storing cooking utensils, cookware, flatware, and others. Some models feature a space underneath for stools.


What we like about a rustic island is that it can create an inviting and engaging atmosphere. If the kitchen is one of the most visited rooms where your family members gather for meals and conversations, then adding this vintage element is a wise thing to do.


With a new product, how can you switch it to the rustic mode? Sanding is the right answer. It helps create a weathered look even though the outcome might be kind of artificial, not like something that grows old naturally. The better idea would be purchasing a reclaimed furniture item, in this case a reclaimed / repurposed island.


It is basically an old item that was produced years ago. It's retouched using a new finish and stuff to make it look new. Since this is rustic we're talking about, just leave it with its natural look. There's no need to overcoat it with a glossy finish or something that would take away its vintage feel.